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​Girl Who Lives in the Radian Brews Her Own Kombucha to Save Money


Photo by kelseysue2 / CC0

This just in: Jenna Wilber (C '19) is a financial genius. For those of us who like drinking one GT’s kombucha a day, minimum, but don’t like the monthly cost of about $120, Wilber has cracked the code.

She bought a scoby off Amazon for the low, low price of $7.95, and dedicated one of the three bedrooms of her Radian apartment to her new hobby. “Yeah, I had to evict Madison in order to set up the brewery, but it was well worth it,” Wilber assures us. Talk about balling on a budget!

Wilber now pays the rent for two bedrooms, and as the scoby grows, there is talk of plans to take over her other roommate’s room as well. “I love my scoby. He has saved me so much money. I refuse to either sell him or kill any of him off,” Wilber confirms. “I will rent out every room in this place if that’s what it takes to keep Jonathan alive and thriving.”

Wilber went from drinking one bottle of ‘booch a day to 11. According to her, this new liquid diet is saving Wilber more money than ever. Way to go Jenna! Good job living healthy while keeping that wallet happy!