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'Refreshed' Senior Didn't Do Shit Before Spring Break, Ready to Continue Doing Nothing


Photo from Concord90 / CC0

Ah, who doesn’t love a nice break to treat yourself from half a semester of late night studying, job hunting anxiety, and actively (or passively?) ghosting boys after sleeping with them? Better yet, who doesn’t love a nice break to treat yourself from spending five nights a week at Smokes, dropping every club on your resume, not doing jack shit for the past two months?

Senior Rachel Williams (W ’18) traveled to Spain with a few close friends this past week. She was “so relieved” to spend the week wining and dining through Barcelona, even though she drinks wine with most meals on campus. Her nights out included shaking her hips to Spanish music, which she also does by religiously attending every Thursday Latino night at Smokes and fueling her alcoholism at Distrito and Copa each weekend.

Williams also said to be “literally so thankful to get away from the Penn bubble for a weekend.” She has taken four NYC trips so far this semester and brunches in Rittenhouse instead of going to her 10:30 a.m. class.

“I am so happy to have had this week off. I’m refreshed, ready to get back into the Penn craziness, and can’t wait to keep slaying all my classes,” Williams exclaimed, though her only plans for the next week include getting into hot yoga and creating a portfolio for her application to be on “The Bachelor.”