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Report: This 'Career Fair' Has No Networking But Lots of Carnival Games


Photo by Matthew Dillon / CC BY 2.0

Nathan Donaldson (E ’21) was confused about his summer plans heading into a career fair in Houston Hall. Somehow, he walked out even more confused.

That's because it turns out that Donaldson went to an actual, full-fledged fair.

“Conventionally, your typical career fair is a bunch of tables around the room with free stuff. But that’s not really a fair, right? We wanted to do the term justice,” the event organizer said.

Donaldson told us that he saw a prize wheel with Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft software engineering internships as some of the options. Unfortunately, he landed on Wawa.

Right after this sad spin, he saw a high striker game and Skee-Ball, in which signing bonuses were determined by contestants’ scores. To top it all off, he went to a Salary Guessing Booth, where he guessed the annual earnings of some of the most prestigious jobs there, and was off by a couple hundred thousand.

“If there’s one thing I learned today, it’s that finance truly is lucrative,” Donaldson said, smiling.