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Republican Guy at Pottruck Refuses to Give Up His Guns


Photo from MCRC Photos / Public Domain

College junior and outspoken NRA member Daniel Rogers knows a thing or two about arms. It's for this precise reason that he will do anything to protect his right to bear arms and show off his guns. 

Following every mass shooting in the country, Rogers can be spotted interrupting his weekly arm day and promptly heading to Facebook to post his controversial thoughts on the matter. 

"Haven't you read the American Constitution?!" asked Rogers condescendingly, as he completed his third set of bicep curls, followed by a superset of tricep extensions. "If I want to walk around with my impressive guns, showing them off everywhere, maybe even wearing a fling tank to really accentuate them, I should have the right to do so!" 

Rogers sometimes even takes his controversial opinions further, suggesting that more people should have access to guns. "All these skinny teachers and security guards are useless in protecting us. We need to mandate that every teacher in America work out at least five times a week, and be able to curl 35's for a minimum of 12 reps before we entrust them with the lives of our children."

Just yesterday, Rogers posted an impassioned Facebook status against the March for Our Lives, noting that "marching barely does anything for your quads or glutes. If you're not squatting or deadlifting, you might as well be skipping leg day."

It's unclear whether or not Rogers understands the gravity of the cause for which he is adamantly fighting, but it is undeniable that the avid gym-goer really, really cares about his guns.