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Student Who Failed Multiple Choice Exam Blames It on Writer's Block


Photo by LaurMG / CC BY-SA 3.0

Gareth Jones (E ’19) is usually on the ball when it comes to exams. The Mechanical Engineering major genuinely knows his stuff.

But multiple-choice exams are not his strength. His most recent one, courtesy of "LGST 222: Contract Law" was a total disaster.

“Honestly, I just blanked. It was a really bad case of writer’s block, and it probably won’t happen again. Can’t win them all, right?” Jones explained to one of our UTB reporters.

When questioned, Professor Kenny Richardson confirmed, “Knowing Gareth, it probably was writer’s block. That guy is intellectually on another level—he probably couldn’t decide on what shape to draw around the right letters.”

Clearly, Jones is not incompetent when it comes to any LGST 222 material. We heard that Richardson is putting some True or False questions on the final, though—yikes.