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Sophomore Did Nothing Over Spring Break Better Than You


Photo by Pexels / CC0

You did nothing over break. Georgia Caldwell (W '20) did nothing over break. And yet, she did it better than you.

Although neither you nor Georgia picked up a pencil a single time to do homework, despite having all the time in the world to do so, at least she thought about her assignments. She mentally worked her way through at least half of that math problem set. You? You actively got dumber.

While you were lying on your bed, aimlessly looking at memes, Georgia was creating memes. Both activities are equally time-wasting, but she actually created content for others to enjoy. Your only contribution was tagging your friends in a meme they had already seen before.

And even though you two both slept away most of the day, Georgia managed to feel well-rested. Her twelve hours of sleep left her feeling fresh, rejuvenated, and ready to finish off the semester strong. Your twelve hours of sleep made you feel like a drowsy piece of shit.

You spend all your time doing nothing—why aren't you better at it?