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Student Planning to 'Get a Jump Start' on Work Over Spring Break Opens Notebook on Plane but Gets Kinda Sleepy


Photo by Stereogab / CC BY-SA 2.0

Emily Brockton (C ‘20) boarded her flight last Friday afternoon with a plan. After just barely making it through this round of midterms, Brockton made a promise to herself to get started on her spring break work during her six hour flight home to Los Angeles.

“First, I was going to work on that unfinished paper I submitted to my professor as a password protected Google Drive link three weeks ago. Next, I was planning to study for my Intro to Buddhism final coming up in May. If I was really in the zone, I was hoping to send out a few cold emails about potential summer internships and code myself a website using all the skills I acquired in CIS 110.”

But even the best laid plans go awry. “I got kinda tired,” said Brockton. “I didn’t really feel like doing work anymore. I needed to relax—the TSA line was very stressful.”

“Would it have been great to use that six hour chunk of time to ensure the timely completion of my assignments and less stress down the road? Sure. But I’m trying to focus on what I need right now, and that's six hours of Parks and Rec reruns. Self-care.”

Brockton emphasized that this is only a minor setback. “It’s no big deal that I skipped out on my work; I have all of break ahead of me.”