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Wawa to Begin Charging for Water


Photo by Lauren Sorantino

Impressive! Penn students have abused Wawa's benevolent "free water" policy so severely that Wawa will no longer offer free water to its patrons.

Wawa Corporate estimates that the 38th and Spruce location spent roughly $1,000 a day on cups, straws, and lids for free waters.  That's how much 500 cheesy pretzels cost!

"That's a pretty huge sunk cost," lamented 38th and Spruce Wawa Manager, Gary Christofferson.  "Most people who come in to get free water don't even buy anything," he added.

Trevor Cunningham III (C '21), who rode the wave of free Wawa water like so many other Quakers, was devastated to hear the news. The freshman, who walks past four water bottle refill stations on his way to Wawa each morning and habitually has an empty water bottle in his backpack, said he participated in the behavior because "everyone was doing it" and Wawa's water "tastes better." Now, Cunningham will have to bring his water bottle out of retirement. Darn!

It's like what they always say: don't bite the hand that gives you free water.