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Feminist Win! This Woman Only Lets Gay Men Grind on Her at Frat Parties


Photo by Gromovataya / CC0

Many young women at Penn have come to learn that they will sometimes get unsolicited advances at frat parties. No matter how many workshops are held for members of Greek life to learn about consent and sexual harassment, these incidents keep happening. As a result, sophomore Katie Johnson has decided to take a stand all on her own.

Men are pigs! They just see me as an object. Not like my gay friends—they see me as a person,” Johnson complained as the friend dancing behind her smacked her ass.

“Honestly, it’s not just a protest; it’s a life hack,” Johnson continued. “How can anyone else force themselves onto me if I’m dancing with someone else?”

Her gay friends say that sometimes dancing together is fun, but not when it’s every night. Mark Thomas (C ’18) wanted to dance with his boyfriend another night and was chewed out by Johnson. “She told me that’s not what frat parties are about,” Thomas lamented. “And that if I wanted to do that kind of thing, we should just go to Woody’s.”

However, you can’t be selfish with feminism. It’s all about building women up, not leaving them and their political movements to dance with your significant other. Good on you Katie. Show those men who’s boss!