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5 Words Everyone Other Than You Knows How to Use


Photo by Brian Solis / CC BY 2.0

  1. Libertarian: It’s just half-Republican, half-Democrat, right? Socially liberal, fiscally conservative. Maybe there are some more nuances to it than that, and maybe everyone other than you knows those nuances, but does it really matter as long as you can say “it’s a little more nuanced than that” if someone else misuses the term? 
  2. Communism: It’s obviously so different from socialism. It would be so messed up to conflate communism with socialism. Except, would it be? Maybe if you knew shit about economic and/or political ideologies, you would know how offensive you’re being when you confuse these economic and/or political ideologies. Until then, play it safe and smile whenever someone says “socialism” and scowl when they say “communism.” That’s the real difference.
  3. Woke: Is it like “lit”? Context cues really haven’t been any help here.
  4. Bursar: Wawa has definitely reinforced that it doesn’t mean “walk out without paying,” but it seems like it’s something along those lines. Did the University give us all $1000? That’s pretty cool.
  5. Irony: You’re just never going to get this one. Stop trying.