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56% of University Professors Felt CupcakKe Said ‘Vagina’ One Too Many Times


Photo by The Daily Pennsylvanian

Credit: Chase Sutton

A study conducted post-fling by the Annenberg School of Communications found that 56% of University professors felt that CupcakKe said "vagina" one too many times during her performance. The study also found that 72% of professors listening were viscerally upset by the lyrics describing CupcakKe as “warm and melted.”

UTB followed up with several professors who witnessed the performance to further understand the study.

Professor Daniel Erichson of the math department was one professor thrown off by the song “vagina.” Erichson noted that, despite his misgivings about the show, he was not coming from an antagonistic place. “I’m really not trying to demean youth culture,” Erichson said outside DRL, “I think Cup--é, is that how you say it, Cup--é? I think Cup--é’s album 'Cum Cake' is incredibly unique. It was just… a little much for me when she said vagina for the fifth time. Nothing against vaginas though! Vaginas are the best. I wouldn’t be here without a vagina! Sorry, that’s not what I meant. I meant, without vaginas existing. I love vaginas! Oh boy, now I think I've said vagina one too many times. hahaha. Wait, sorry, that sounded weird. Can I redact that? Is all of this going to be published?”




One staff member in the Women’s Center agreed to be interviewed about her thoughts on the performance but wanted to remain anonymous. “I really don’t want students to feel like there are some things they can't talk to us about,” said the staff member, “We at the women’s center are very open-minded and sex-positive. Seriously, so sex positive. For example, if a student came to me and was like, 'Hump me, fuck me, Daddy, better make me choke,' I’d, of course, say no because of the school's professor-student relationship policy, but I would also be like, hell yeah! Way to be in touch with your sexuality! But for sure, I was not expecting the lyric, ‘Slurp that dick 'til it cum.’”