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Academic Advisor Caught off Guard by Mere Existence of Job

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Sociology professor Vincent Kramer was having a relatively peaceful day until he received an email from a student regarding advanced registration. The student had addressed the professor as his “advisor,” a term foreign to the faculty member.

“I’m not sure what he expected me to do,” Kramer said. “I have a book to write and teaching duties to ignore.”

It is estimated that over 60% of academic advisors are unaware of the mere existence of their position, and of the other 40%, only four or five actually know what the job entails.

“This student really ruined my day,” Kramer complained, struggling to write his signature on the advisee’s academic worksheets. “Where on the page do I sign? Where do I submit the worksheet? If only I had some sort of mentor to assist me with this matter.”

In response to the student's additional question regarding which of two classes would better fit his academic pursuits, Kramer replied, "Yes, sounds good."