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Penn Study Finds That 10 out of 10 Architecture Majors Can Identify the Eiffel Tower


Photo by Elizabeth Beugg / The Daily Pennsylvanian

A recent Penn study concluded that 100 percent of all undergraduate Architecture majors can, in fact, identify the Eiffel Tower.

After multiple trials involving both photo and video renderings of the historical monument, researchers were able to confidently determine that the Eiffel Tower was known to undergraduate Architecture students near and far.

The study cost 27 million dollars and did not assess graduate students nor current architects.

Zoe Talbot (C ‘20), one of the study's subjects, said she was not surprised by these findings. “If my years at Penn have taught me anything, it’s how to recognize the Eiffel Tower,” Talbot explained. “It can be confusing for most people. My favorite way to remember what it looks like is the acronym ‘HIT,’ which stand for 'huge, iron tower.' Only Architecture majors will understand.”