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Biden Made a Low-Profile Visit to Campus Yesterday, Not That You’re Ever Going to Meet Him Anyway


Photo by The Daily Pennsylvanian

Former Vice President—and now Benjamin Franklin Presidential Practice Professor at the University—Joe Biden made a low-profile visit to campus on Wednesday. Visiting to engage a group of students at the Annenberg School for Communications about effective campaign strategies, Biden snuck into the Walnut Street side door of Annenberg at 12:45 p.m. and was back in his car by 3. 

Most students and faculty were not made aware that Biden would be visiting, but honestly, it doesn’t really matter because you weren’t going to meet him anyway.

Many in the Penn community were upset early this past year to hear that although Biden became a professor at Penn, he would be spending most of his time at the Penn Biden institute in Washington, D.C. Although critics felt that Biden's employment was student tuition poorly spent as he would not have a direct effect on campus life, proponents noted that, either way, he probably wouldn’t have hung out with you even if he were on campus. 

“Like, does he think he's too cool for me?" said a College junior who asked to remain anonymous.

Although many have witnessed Biden at one of his speeches in Irvine Auditorium, the seating is limited, and many have still not been able to acquire tickets. "I always thought we were going to be friends," said an anonymous registered Democrat. "You know like, not best friends, I wasn't expecting that much. I just...when I heard he was going to be a professor here, I thought maybe every couple of weeks we'd be able to grab coffee, maybe get to know each other? I don't know, I just feel kind of sad about the way things have turned out."

In an informal survey of Biden’s team inquiring about the likelihood of him forming personal relationships with students on campus, 1 out of 10 noted, “You cant create lasting change unless you have a reliable network, so it was truly an honor to serve as Vice President alongside my best friend,” while the other 9 were positive that “you won't be getting that selfie, Jenny.”