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Simply Chaos Comedian Takes on Taboo Subject of Masturbation


Photo by klimkin / CC0

When it comes to pushing the boundaries of what’s acceptable to talk about in public, College sophomore and Simply Chaos comedian Jonathan Andrews has never been one to shy away.

In his stand-up set during the Chaos show this past weekend, Andrews warmed up the crowd with the standard jokes about his strange childhood and how awkward he is in social interactions.

But only a few minutes in, he brought up a subject that shocked the audience; a topic that had never before entered the stand-up comedy sphere: masturbation.

In an act of true vulnerability and commitment to honesty in comedy, Andrews proceeded to describe a story about himself masturbating that — spoiler alert — resulted in a surprising ending having to do with his genitals and semen.

Though the crowd was initially taken aback by such bold language, many eventually came around to Andrews’s unique style.

“At first, when he mentioned… touching himself, I was a little disgusted,” Engineering freshman Jalil Blue said, “but surprisingly, I found it hilarious that my fellow male was talking about something I secretly can relate to.”

If you can handle Andrews’s zany style of alternative comedy, you’re in luck: Andrews says he has more boundary-pushing material up his sleeve, including a couple obscene words and a politically incorrect statement.