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OP-ED: I Rejected This Struggling Freshman From My Club Because He Doesn’t Cuff His Jeans


Photo by Snapwire / CC0 

Proper style is among the many pillars upon which my elite performance business service club was founded. Your socks must be dark if your shoes are, your belt must be nondescript, and your tie must be skinny and either gray or black.

So, when I saw freshman Billy Steinberg wander into my GSR for his first-round interview, desperate for a place to fit in at Penn, the first thing I noticed were his jeans. They were the appropriate length and fit—thank God—but the portion by his ankles were simply dreadful.

They were unfolded. That’s right, Billy doesn’t cuff his fucking jeans. He obviously had no idea that at Penn, we cuff our jeans even if it makes them unreasonably short.

So, I rejected him. He was perfectly qualified, but there were only three spots available for the hundred freshmen who applied. We couldn’t see what the inside of his jeans looked like, and that made it impossible to trust him.