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Three Hawaiian Shirts That Say 'I’m High in Class'


Photo (above) by John Verive / CC BY SA 2.0

Are you ever stoned to the bone in class, but need a discrete, non-verbal way to tell everyone? With these Hawaiian shirts, you’ll practically scream “I am high!” as soon as you walk in the door.

This elegant Hawaiian says “I am baked, but I still came to class because I did not want to waste one of my three absences for the semester.” I hope you have the munchies because you’ll look like a snack.

This cute shirt gives off that sensitive stoner vibe. Sure, you ripped a fat bowl with Miguel before class, but it’s an experimental poetry seminar. Who cares?

This is a Hawaiian shirt for when you are so zoinked, it’s hard to believe you went to class. What are you doing in math recitation in this thing? You should be at a Jimmy Buffet concert in this audacious garment.

This is a cool shirt. What better way to announce to your 150 person lecture that you’re high as a kite?

Oh no! You’re dozing off in class because of that weed cookie Rebecca with the feather earring gave you. You need to wake up! Good thing you have this electrifying Hawaiian shirt on to save the day!