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Fling Concert Projected to Hit 50 Artists by 2030


Photo by Olly Liu / The Daily Pennsylvanian

This year, SPEC chose to bring four artists to Fling in a controversial move that several close friends of SPEC leadership lauded as "brave and innovative." However, our data analysts at Under the Button believe that this is simply the first step in a troubling trend.

Last year, the Fling concert consisted of just two performers, and two more were added for this year. If the number of performers continues to grow at a linear rate of two additional artists per year, then we are looking to hit a whopping 50 artists by Spring Fling 2041. We can only imagine that the setlist of each artist at such a concert would be restricted to one song.

However, it might be even worse. If the number of performers actually exhibits exponential growth by doubling each year, then we are only four years away from hitting over 50 artists. In fact, by 2022 the concert would include 64 artists.

Right now, we aren't sure which scenario is more likely, but it's safe to say that the date we hit 50 performers will be somewhere in the middle of these two. Thus, our analysts have concluded the Fling concert will hit 50 artists by the year 2030.