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Friend With Radio Show Really Wants You to Listen to Terrible Song


Photo by Dan Cox / CC BY-ND 2.0

Sending you the link to a sub-1000 view YouTube music video, your one friend with a radio show on the student station is really trying to get you to appreciate an awful song.

“Yo, check this out,” he messages you. “Up-and-comer for sure.”

The song begins with one minute of air horns over a stolen trap beat, followed by church bells and inaudible mumbling. Your friend tells you to pay attention at 1:40, when the beat drops three times in five seconds.

“It’s definitely the new direction of the genre,” he says, sending you three more identical songs. “I hate this one, though,” he adds, sending a fourth, identical song.

You respond indifferently, hoping that the lack of interest will dissuade future recommendations. Unfortunately, the mere existence of a response encourages your friend to continue sending you music.

"I think I have really nuanced taste," he says, meaning, "I randomly both like and dislike obscure music."