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New Deli at Franklin's Table Bites the Bullet and Names Itself 'Product of Gentrification'


Photo by MsSaraKelly / CC BY 2.0

Franklin’s Table recently opened at 36th and Walnut, and it has already drawn criticism from the Penn community for its steep prices and inaccessibility to locals.

A new deli popping up at the food court has decided to capitalize on this, and will call itself “Product of Gentrification,” with several menu items playing on that theme.

One such item is their “Town and Gown Turkey Club,” in which light meat is inside of the sandwich, and darker cuts are strewn about the plate carelessly.

Another item is their “Seven Starbucks Soup,” which features Starbucks logo-shaped noodles in the soup, with local mom-and-pop stores’ logos cut out, and, once again, thrown carelessly around outside of the soup.

Whenever Product of Gentrification (or simply “Genny’s,” as students have begun calling it) gets an order, the owners love popping out from behind their stainless steel counters and greeting their customers. They make sure to mention that they only allow cards for payment and gleefully watch their customers’ faces as they receive their inexplicably small quantities of food.