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Shocking! Girl Who Begins Every Text With Lowercase Letter Is Actually Not Chill at All


Photo by Sammy Gordon / The Daily Pennsylvanian 

Sophomore Allison Jackman begins all of her texts with a lowercase letter. While it comes off as chill and casual, Jackman actually uses it to compensate for her abrasive attitude.

In an interview with Under the Button, Jackman said that she loves to catch people off guard once they think she’s a relaxed free spirit.

“People think I’m completely chill and really down to earth, but actually, all of my texts are more calculated than anyone could possibly imagine. I know what I want, I get what I want, and all these bitches who buy into my lowercase texts are just pawns in a game of chess rigged in my favor.”

Kyle Richards, a senior in Wharton, was convinced Jackman was a communications and environmental studies major—“because that’s what she fucking told me,” he explained—but in reality, she is in the M&T program, and wants to make her first million before she’s 23.

After they had been texting for a few days, Jackman turned on Richards, and he saw her true colors. Impressively, she maintained her all-lowercase style throughout the ordeal.