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OP-ED: I Need to Work Tonight, but Let's Meet up After the Game to Celebrate


Photo by Jason Dean / CC BY 2.0

Dude, I get it. March Madness only comes around once a year, and I love basketball. I’m just so swamped with work lately. Maybe we could meet up after the game to celebrate? I know they’re probably going to lose, but you’ll be drinking, right?

I just haven’t really been following the league since Penn lost. Not that I wasn’t watching March Madness during years when Penn didn’t qualify. I always watch it. I love watching sports. I caught a football game a little while back, and it was incredible. I got so drunk, man. It was one of the best games I’ve ever seen.

Where are you guys going after the game? I’ll meet you there. Actually, we should probably pregame first. Text me when the game ends, and I’ll come over so we can drink and hang for an hour before going downtown. I know you all want to go out right after the game, but I really don’t have time to watch it and hate going out sober, so please just wait until we can pregame together.

Alright, I have to run to dinner with a friend from my freshman hall, but do text me, okay? I was too busy procrastinating in Van Pelt to drink last night, and I really need some time to relax with my friends. Update me during the game how my bracket is doing. I really need to beat Jeremy. That guy doesn’t even give a crap about basketball. I don’t know why he’s participating in March Madness if he doesn’t care at all. I don’t think he watches any basketball during the year; then, March Madness starts, and he’s suddenly watching basketball every night? The kid’s a total poser.