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International Student in $500 Yeezy T-Shirt Confuses Kanye with Tupac


Photo by Morgan Mafu / CC BY 2.0

Contrary to her ostensible enthusiasm for Kanye West's music and hyper-modern aesthetic, international student Jessica Bishop (W '20), currently wearing a Yeezy brand shirt purchased for $500, still confuses Kanye West with Tupac Shakur.

"Yeah Kanye, I love that guy. I think the bandana look is really cool," she said in response to a compliment on her $1200 Yeezy shoes, "and 'California Love' just, like, gets me going."

Confusing not only the personal appearances, musical catalogs, and general biographies of the two men, Bishop, born and raised in London, also will sometimes try to show others her knowledge of hip-hop by telling others how sad it was when Kanye was shot by "Biggie" in 1996.

"He was just such an icon; it's so sad," she said, thinking that the currently alive father of three had been murdered in a violent feud 20 years ago.

At press time, Bishop was currently telling others how excited she was for CupcakKe at Fling, seemingly unaware that she is a musical artist rather than a literal cupcake.