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​Jewish Frat Mistaken For Hip-Hop Dance Group Due To Matching Sweatpants


Photo by Punkt8 / Public Domain

Uh oh! This guy thought a Jewish fraternity was a hip-hop dance troupe just because the members were wearing matching, tailored sweatpants!

Laszlo McGough (E ’19) was walking around when he saw a group of thirty boys dancing to loud music. “I saw that they were dancing and they all had the exact same sweatpants on,” he said. “I stupidly thought that meant they were a hip-hop dance group.”

McGough proceeded to pull up a chair and watch the boys dance for more than an hour and a half. “I must have looked like a fool,” he said.

After close to two hours of watching, McGough became concerned that he had made a mistake. “They weren’t really doing a coordinated dance,” he said. “They were just bouncing around and pumping their fists, but I assumed they were still practicing or doing some sort of experimental, improvised performance.”

McGough eventually realized he was watching a Jewish fraternity when a laundry delivery van pulled up and the boys lined up to receive their freshly cleaned joggers. “I guess I just assumed that that many people in matching sweatpants and trendy haircuts had to be a dance troupe,” McGough said. “I regret using stereotypes to make uninformed judgements and I sincerely apologize for my mistake.”