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Honest Mistake: Robert Kurzban Thought His Class Roster Was a List of Cute Singles in the Area


Photo by Biruk Tibebe / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Robert Kurzban, the Penn psychology professor currently in the news for having romantic relationships with his students, has finally given an explanation for his actions.

The reason he pursued so many of his students romantically, he said, was because he thought his class roster was actually a list of cute singles in the area.

Suddenly, things make a lot more sense.

While many students assumed that Kurzban had made sexual advances toward his own undergraduate students in an abuse of his position of power, it turns out that his actions were due to a simple misinterpretation of his list of students.

Everyone makes mistakes in life, and this one tiny mix-up happened to get Kurzban in serious hot water.

“I regret not reading the heading on the Canvas page that shows me all those kids,” Kurzban said in a statement. “For a second, I did wonder why a learning management website was giving me contact info for a bunch of cute singles in the area, but eventually I stopped questioning it."