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Lame! This Sophomore Attends All Her Classes Because She Signed Up and Her Parents Paid for Them


Photo by COD Newsroom / CC BY 2.0

Have you noticed lately how some people are just lame? I have. And it must suck to be them.

Recently, UTB met with Sidney Andrews, a sophmore in the College who goes to all of her classes because they’re on her schedule and her parents paid for them. Sorry, wHaT?! Yeah, I’ll repeat.

This girl goes to all of her classes simply because they are listed on her Penn InTouch schedule and because her grades in them might contribute to her future hire-ability.

UTB reporters reached out to Andrews to try and understand her unique academic practice, but in the end, did not understand at all.

According to Andrews, her parents re-mortgaged their home to pay for her education, which, after un-included fees, reached almost $100,000 last year. So, she’s trying to make the most of her time at Penn to make sure all that money is "well spent." 

According to Andrews’ hall-mate Jessica Lee (E '20), skipping classes is fun and people get tired, so it’s important to take naps and have time to yourself. After much investigation, UTB confirmed that skipping classes is, in fact, the right move because Lee is super cool and traveled with friends to Budapest for a week this semester. That’s so cool. Andrews’ has not done that, and maybe should skip classes.

Defending her choice to attend her dumb classes, Andrews broke down how much each class actually costs at the University and found that each individual class was priced at over $200. Other people on campus have argued that your youth is priceless, so make the most of it. That also feels like a strong argument in this situation.

“We did come to this school, above all, to get an education, right?” Andrews asked suggestively when pressed for comment. Wrong, Andrews.