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Man Forgets Headphones, Must Whistle Horrible Song for All to Hear


Photo by Pcxhere / CC0

Oh no! Greg Gregson (W '19) forgot his headphones today. To add insult to injury, he had just made a Spotify playlist with that new Chainsmokers song Closer on it. How did he survive the lengthy commute from The Radian to Huntsman without blasting some sick tunes?

Gregson whistled the Chainsmokers tune, instead. This wasn't your average casual whistle; this was a deafening, emphatic whistle that could be heard from across the busy, traffic-filled street.

He had no choice, after all. The block and a half commute would have been unbearable without some tunes. Gregson, a victim of forgotten headphones, was essentially forced to whistle loudly for all passersby to hear.

Many a passerby glared at him to subtly communicate that this behavior is inappropriate and intrusive.  But subtle isn't Gregson's style. He only whistled louder in response. This is his sidewalk, too! 

It's hard being Greg Gregson, but someone has to do it.