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Meet The 6 Hot New Bands Signed to Penn Records


Photo from Pixabay / CC0

Hype Beast

Hype Beast is a new band that jumped straight from the 1930s dustbowl onto the Penn music scene in early March. This team of three wears button down shirts that are either buttoned all the way up or not at all, which pairs nicely with the piercing look in their eyes that says, “I’ve seen some shit.” Hailing from a mostly Jewish town in suburban New Jersey, these guys are indie heroes. Their music features techno piano with some slow banjo to keep with the aesthetic. Catch these guys at your next frat party. They’ll make you think, “This would be more fun with Cardi B.”


This all-male band has four bassists and a sax, but their main act is just your brother playing an acoustic rendition of "Beasts of Burden" by The Rolling Stones while you’re trying to get your homework done. They perform only when you least expect it, and never perform when you want to hear them. This group offers a unique in-home experience during which they harangue you for hours to to listen to their new song, and then instantly don’t feel like playing it anymore.


Do these guys look familiar? If you thought they were the same band as the Hype Beasts except with higher-cuffed jeans, you're wrong. This is, for sure, an entirely unique set of people. All members of Vaseline simultaneously experienced heartbreak last week and are now slowly coping by making music about sunsets. They also have a woman in their band! Nice.

This American Life with Ira Glass

Amazing! Penn Records got Ira Glass. Ira broke off his contract with NPR when he heard about Penn Records and has since been sitting in a parking lot telling stories about the complex fabric that is the American identity. He has stopped eating and drinking and won’t leave until the University gets behind his “dope new track.”

Shock Value

If you love indie music for the way the lead singers are bad at singing, you will love Shock Value. Shock Value took a bunch of musicians, made them stand in a circle, and switch instruments with the person next to them. Watch as Shock Value tries to put it all together while making it clear that its chill if it doesn’t all click. Many students have described the lead singer of Shock Value’s sound as “authentic” and “both quiet and also way too loud.”


The guys in FourLoko? are cool because they really can’t keep their eyes open. Watch these cool cats bounce around with their instruments with their eyes fully closed. Don’t worry, we don’t think they’re on shrooms. And, taking a second look, I think this is the same band as Vaseline. Yup, you know what, those are definitely the same people. You got us! They couldn’t all own the same distressed denim jorts, right?