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OP-ED: My Name is Molly, I’m a Virgin, and I’m Sick of People Saying They Did Me During Fling


Photo by Chase Sutton / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Credit: Chase Sutton

Hi. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Molly Applebaum, and some really hurtful rumors have been circulating about me lately. I contacted UTB to get my story out, and I hope this article sets the record straight: nobody did me during fling.

I don’t know how or why targets of slut shaming are picked, but the rumor mill has been churning out some terrible things lately. I’ve heard at least 10 frat guys say they did me over the weekend, and I’ve never met any of them in my life. It’s nice that they’re at least saying I was “mind-blowing,” but this definitely has attracted some unwanted attention.

I’m celibate, and when people walk around saying, “doing Molly was the best part of my fling,” it tempts me. I’m a giver and a people pleaser — I love making people happy!  And if they think it would be that great to do me even in their little fantasies, it makes me imagine… well… how it might feel for me.

Never mind that, though. Sin can’t tempt me no matter how pervasive these lies are! Perhaps most hurtful of all is the one frat boy who said he did me so much that he bought a scale to weigh me with. So now I have to be a certain weight to satisfy you even in your sick, twisted lie?? Yet another unattainable beauty standard for women.

I really hope this puts an end to these rumors. Fake-doing me might have been an upper for you, but it’s certainly a downer for me, so next time, please think before you spread this hurtful gossip.