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OP-ED: How Bad Would It Be If I Just Didn't Submit Any of These Assignments?


Photo by Josh Ogunleye / The Daily Pennsylvanian

It’s 3:27 a.m., that 24 oz. Wawa coffee I shotgunned last night at 7 is starting to wear off, and I’ve been mindlessly scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed for the last 12 minutes tagging my friends in memes like it’s mid-2017. Right now the only phrase I can string together is “fuck me,” but for this Anthropology assignment I’m supposed to combine 4,000 words into coherent ideas based on readings that I’m pretty sure never actually existed. At this point, the only thing I’ve got to ask myself is whether it’d be all that bad to just not submit anything.

Sure, I’ve got a CIS project due in three days worth 25% of my final grade... but I’m pretty sure the class is curved so it probably wouldn’t kill me if I just didn’t hand anything in. I mean, you can’t spell degree without D so that’s probably something. Plus I think one kid got a 6 on the last homework assignment so I’m probably not the only one about to fail. And besides, even if I don’t hand in this last Stat problem set, I’ve still got a great relationship with the professor; she’d probably still write me a decent recommendation if I really needed one.

My GPA is definitely just a number, so tanking the end of one semester isn’t really going to affect my life 20 years down the road, so, yeah, I don’t really see an issue with just taking a nap at this point. The one thing I remember from my Econ class before I started skipping every lecture is that the sunk cost fallacy is a bad thing. I’ve basically learned all the life skills Penn is ever going to teach me, so maybe I should cut my losses and drop out.

Packing up my stuff and going home sounds like a lot of effort, though.