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OP-ED: I'm a Member of One of the Mendicant Orders Founded in the Twelfth Century. Stop Appropriating My Name for Your Senior Society.

Friar Door Hospitality Convent Abbey Father

I’m a friar.

No, not like you senior club presidents who use my name (as if you could come close to deserving it). A real friar.

To those who are confused, let me spell out the differences for you.

While you were living in excess all throughout your college years, practicing sins with no remorse, I was called to live the evangelical counsels (vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience) in service to society.

While you were supported by the wealth of your parents, I had to subsist on charitable donations by my community.

And while you did nothing but demonstrate leadership at Penn, I undertook the infinitely more meaningful and pious task of giving my life to the Third Order of Saint Francis.

And despite our vast differences, and you being, in essence, far below me, in terms of goodness, you have the gall to apply my title to yourself.

Do you now see why I might be offended by your senior society’s choice of title?

Begone with ye, and stay out of my sight until you change your silly group’s name, lest the wrath of the friar be released upon you.