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Penn Dining Protests CupcaKke: 'Why Aren't Students This Excited About Our Food?'


Photo from PXHere / CC0

Fling is just around the corner, and it's safe to say there have been many different reactions to the performers who will be coming to Penn park this Saturday. While most students are confused as to why the All American Rejects have risen from the grave for this event, there was a greater upset when CupcaKke’s appearance was announced.

Penn Dining is holding a protest during CupcaKke’s performance, and they expect at least five employees from dining halls across campus to be at the forefront of this demonstration. The organization is concerned and hurt at the student body’s excitement over CupcaKke’s performance.

This past Tuesday, the Penn dining team released an open letter to the student body, asking, “Why aren’t students this excited about our food? We give them partially cooked chicken and at least one fruit per meal. Why don’t student cheer when they enter 1920 Commons? We have more food with more nutritional value than cupcakes.”

Although there is no research backing up the claims that Penn Dining provide students with any sort of nutritional intake, this bold statement did make a splash across campus, when instead of serving food, dining hall employees handed out pamphlets and flyers about Penn’s meal plans. One student, Sandy Breckman (C ‘19), didn’t even notice that he wasn’t eating waffles until he tried to pour maple syrup all over his informational materials in King’s Court. “I mean, it never really smells like food in here anyway, and I was still drunk from the night before, so I guess it didn’t make that much of a difference,” Beckman added.

After the performance, the dining halls are expected to resume their normal operations. Students can expect stale cupcakes and lukewarm water for brunch after Fling.