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Penn Students Now Bandwagon Fans of Every Philadelphia Sports Team Except the Phillies

Phillies at Orioles June 9, 2012

There was a time when Penn students cared about Philadelphia’s sports teams as little as they cared about Penn’s.

But then, a solid defense and a backup quarterback with a funny name propelled the Eagles to win the Super Bowl. Suddenly, Penn students revealed en masse that they had loved the "Birds" since finding out about their Penn acceptance, and would always support the team.

Now, with the 76ers in the NBA playoffs, hundreds of students have come out of the woodwork to admit that they have always loved the team, and were happy to see it succeed.

“I’ve been a fan of the ‘Sixers since Dr. J joined the team in ‘76,” Wharton freshman Billy Hayes said. “Been trusting the process all along, and it’s finally starting to pay off.”

Sadly, the Phillies do not have the same support among Penn students as Philadelphia’s other sports teams.

“Who’s that?” Nick Foles jersey-sporting College sophomore Xander Bertkuff said when asked about the Phillies.

Until the Phils get good enough for everyone to tell you about how they’ve always been a fan, it looks like Penn will be a football and basketball type of school.