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Last Call! Pick Up Your HUP Wristband From MERT at Saxbys From 3-5 p.m.


Photo by Rawpixel / CC0

Fling has flung!!! Stop by Saxbys to pick up your HUP wristband and save time in the emergency room this weekend.

Reminder: you will NOT be allowed onto the party ambulance without your wristband. Make sure the name on your fake insurance card matches the one you put on the wristband order form. Our social chair paid off the triage nurses, but if you don’t know the last four digits of your social security or you have a really, really shitty card, there’s not much we can do. Contact a MERT brother with any questions.

If you forgot to buy your wristband during the early bird period, it’s still not too late to enter promo code BLACKOUT_OR_BACK_OUT for a spot on the party ambulance and a discount on your copay!