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​OP-ED: If We Had More Reading Days, Maybe More Penn Students Would Know How To Read


Photo by Grant / CC BY 2.0 

Penn has the fewest reading days in the Ivy League. It should come as no surprise, then, that Penn’s literacy rate is so low.

By adding as many as six reading days in their calendars, other universities demonstrate a sincere commitment to reading.

On the other hand, Penn has shown a symbolic disregard for reading, which might explain why the student literacy rate has plummeted to less than 60 percent.

It is a crisis for the University that so few of our students can read. If we do not add more reading days, we may soon have a student body that cannot read anything at all.

Meanwhile, the administration seems content to ignore this issue, continually adding more math days, coding days, finance days, and negotiation skills days.

The University must address the growing illiteracy crisis. Adding more reading days would be a logical and essential first step.