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​Report: Nobody Has Black Heels For Girl With Size 11.5 Feet


Photo by Shoshi Wintman 

6:00 p.m. last Thursday, Jenny Diaz, desperate to find shoes before formal, urgently messaged her hall group chat to see if anyone had size 11.5 black heels she could borrow.

Diaz wrote to the group of seven girls: “SOS. Anyone have cute strappy black heels I could borrow for tonight? I promise I’ll take good care of them. I’m a size 11.5/12 but could squeeze into an 11! Pls lmk!!”

Diaz was left on read by most of the group for almost five hours, with only one response that simply read “What?" and accepted that nobody had the trendy open-toed heels she was looking for.

UTB reporters on the scene reached out to hallmates who ignored Diaz's message to further understand the situation. “I was horrified when I read the text,” said one hallmate, Elaina Richards. “I immediately threw up. Did you know they made women’s shoes above a size 8? I didn’t.”