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​Chef Rick Bayless Is AirDropping Pictures of Guacamole to Strangers On Locust Walk


Photo by Ben Collins-Sussman / CC 2.0

Turn off Bluetooth on your phone right now. Multiple sources are reporting that Chef Rick Bayless, the iconic restauranteur behind Tortas Frontera, is AirDropping pictures of fresh guacamole to random students as they pass down Locust Walk.

Lizzie Chang (E ’21) was heading to class when she received a photo of guacamole. “It looked really fresh and delicious,” she said. “I could see bits of cilantro and finely chopped white onion, and the whole bowl was glistening with lime juice.”

However, Lizzie was caught completely off guard by the guacamole picture. “It was just really shocking. It came out of nowhere.”

Michael Wallace (N ’18) also received a picture from Chef Rick Bayless. “I was just using my phone when, all of a sudden, I receive a picture,” he said. “It was a smiling Chef Rick Bayless proudly holding up a dish of his homemade guacamole made from large, ripe Haas avocados.”

Penn Police Detective Mary Pierce is working to apprehend Chef Rick Bayless. “We’re deeply concerned about further attacks,” she said. “These people just got pictures of guacamole. What if the next person gets AirDropped a video of Chef Rick Bayless mashing avocados in a traditional stone molcajete?"

Detective Pierce is urging the Penn community to stay calm and report any guacamole pictures they receive. “We know this is a scary time, but we encourage everyone to remain calm,” she said.

Detective Pierce also had a message for Chef Rick Bayless. “Chef Rick Bayless, if you’re reading this, please stop AirDropping pictures of your amazing, flavorful guacamole to us. We’d much rather eat it in one of your many successful eateries across America.”