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These Wharton Students Created a Seminar to Eliminate the Middle Class


Photo by Simon Fraser University / CC BY 2.0

Big moves: a few intrepid Wharton students have teamed up to change the world forever. The front man of the group, Anthony Furman (W ‘19) explained that his seminar to end the middle class was a long time coming. “Let’s just finish what we started,” he said. “It’s not that radical when you really think about it.”

Liam Zaria (W ‘20) gave us some insight on how the seminar would work. “I guess it would be kind of like a think tank. We would meet in a GSR, stack up a bunch of 1.5-hour reservations so it’s booked for the whole day, and just throw around ideas until we figure out a way to permanently remove the middle class from existence.”

Damien Holloway (W ‘19) chimed in. “I’m going to lead the first discussion. We’ll probably fixate on a method to ensure that no one outside of the one percent can ever legally receive a living wage. Baby steps.”

We asked Amy Wax for her opinion on the new seminar. “Well, I wouldn't say it's the worst idea I've ever heard,” she said, on the record.