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SPEC Announces New Spring Fling Theme: Please Attend Our Event Please Please


Photo by Michele Ozer / The Daily Pennsylvanian

The good folks at SPEC Concerts have been working tirelessly to revolutionize how people can spend $35 to black out in a poorly-lit field, and once again, it looks like they’re catching lightning in a bottle with a fresh new theme. Between rib-splitting promotional content posted on Penn’s meme page to a focused push to rebrand Fling with all the throwbacks of a Ken’s BYO without the General Tso’s chicken, SPEC is revolutionizing how to market events that people feel mild social pressure to attend.

With a theme as punny as “Fling of the Jungle,” it’s hard to imagine a situation where SPEC feels the need to improve. But through constant innovation, they’ve landed on a theme that embodies the spirit of Fling: “Please Attend Our Event Pretty Please It Would Really Mean a Lot if You Could Please Buy These Tickets So I Feel Validated, For The Love of God Please.”

To go along with this new marketing push, SPEC is doing multiple ticket giveaways, with the only requirement being that students put Saturday’s fling schedule in their Google calendars and pinky promise to show up for at least a few minutes of one performance. Alongside this promotion, SPEC is giving $20 to anyone who’s willing to hit “interested” on the Facebook event. SPEC will also hand out its most illustrious award, a year’s worth of tuition, to anyone who can sit through all of Sage the Gemini’s set while still being able to pass a breathalyzer.