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Inspiring! Student Unable to Handle Rigor of Math or Econ Alone Declares Major in Mathematical Economics


Photo: Morgan Rees / The Daily Pennsylvanian

In times like these, it’s important to remind yourself that the world is still a fundamentally beautiful place. Just consider the inspirational story of Sam Kardar (C '20).

As a freshman, this idealistic young man envisioned himself revolutionizing the field of Economics. He’d go out there, publish those seminal publications, collect a Nobel Prize or two, and land a cushy professorship at Harvard.

After struggling through ECON 001 and 002, he figured that he’d be okay with settling for an appointment at Columbia instead. His advisor gently told him that “college was a great time for exploring new fields” and that Sam ought to try that. Immediately.

Math proved no better. After having to repeat MATH 104, Sam was starting to feel that the whole “college” thing might not be for him.

But life finds a way.

When Sam discovered the Mathematical Economics major, he knew his troubles were over.

“It’s been fantastic,” a jubilant Kardar told our reporter, “I thought I was just bad at Math and Econ, but it turns out the majors are actually really okay after you remove all of their most challenging classes and stick them together!”

Kardar informed us that he intends to declare minors in both Mathematics and Economics.