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Student Chanting ‘Free Meek!’ Secretly Prefers Drake


Photos by The Come Up Show / CC BY 2.0; Just Entertainment / CC BY-SA 2.0

Much like many of his peers, Brad Tate (W ’19) cares about social justice. That’s why, at a recent Sixers game, he joined the “Free Meek” chant that broke out late in the third quarter. However, Tate has a secret.

He prefers Drake over Meek Mill.

“I just vibe to Drake’s stuff more, you know?” Tate explained. “It’s catchy, relatable, and he seems like a nice guy.”

When Mill and Drake entered a feud over ghostwriting accusations, Tate took Drake’s side “one-hundred percent,” saying, “Drake’s response tracks were so much better. When he released ‘Back to Back,’ I thought Meek’s career was over.”

“But he shouldn’t be in prison, I guess,” Tate admitted.

As a student in Philadelphia, Tate will never admit to his secret, and will continue to publicly advocate for Mill’s freedom whenever everyone else around him is doing so.

“Maybe Meek going to prison is… God’s plan,” Tate joked, unfortunately.