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Student Excited to Spend Reading Days Getting Into a Good Book in for a Rude Awakening


Photo by lailajuliana / CC0

Susan Andrews (C '21) cannot wait for reading days. After a very long and very difficult semester, she’s really looking forward to spending a couple of days reading a good book. For months, she's been dreaming of curling up in some onesie pajamas, sipping a hot cocoa, and delving into an imaginary world.

“I love the fact that Penn has a tradition of just relaxing for a few days before finals. It’s so healthy to have a break in the middle of such a stressful time,” Andrews said.

Yeah, that would be really nice and healthy. 

Andrews' upperclassman friends haven't had the heart to tell her the truth, and unfortunately have been reinforcing her mistaken beliefs. “Last year I reread the first five Harry Potter books during reading days,” one told her. “It was like a juice cleanse for the soul,” they lied.

"They told me I wouldn't be behind on studying after spending all of reading days enjoying this new novel I got," Andrews said, misinformed.

(Because we didn’t want Susan to get mad at us, we didn't tell her the truth either. We hate it when people are angry with us, which is why we never post anything controversial or aggressiveever.)

So, unfortunately, everyone left Susan looking forward to a blissful few days of reading next week.