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Student Who Celebrates Passover Not Passing Any of His Classes


Photo by Eczebulun / CC BY-SA 3.0

Wow, that’s gotta hurt. Zach Kaufmann (C '20) is celebrating Passover this week, but he isn’t passing any of his classes. Talk about irony!

At the seder Zach remembered how the Angel of Death passed over the houses of the Jews in Egypt, but he couldn’t remember enough about microeconomics to pass his midterm last week. Tragic!

“I just can’t seem to find the same success in the academic part of my life as I do in the religious part. I’ve been observing Passover in a really meaningful way, but I haven’t gotten a passing grade on any of my midterms,” Zach told us.

Even his religious studies grade has been faltering, perhaps because he spent a good part of the last midterm reciting the four questions in his head. After that mishap last year, Zach did not want to forget them again.