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Theater Troupe Forgets to Have Show During Third Weekend of March, Kicked Out of PAC


Photo by Olly Liu / The Daily Pennsylvanian

After nearly ten years in existence, you’d think that a club would learn to get with the program. Not so, it seems, with the ScriptProv theatre company.

In a blatant violation of the policy of the Performing Arts Council (PAC), they failed to hold their show last weekend. Naturally, they were banned indefinitely from every holding a production on campus again.

“I didn’t know!” sobbed Nadia Goldberg (W ‘18), Chair of the company. “I thought that it would be nice to have a production during the first week of April, when no one else is doing their shows.”

Oops! According to the rulebook governing the conduct of all performing arts groups, “Every single group on campus must have their spring show during the third weekend of March. No exceptions.”

ScriptProv can reapply to the PAC next fall, but only if they have their show during the second weekend in October.