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Meet the Degenerate Who Pre-gamed His Professor's Office Hours


Photo by StockSnap / CC0

Saturdays may be for the boys, but Fridays are for FNCE100 Professor Joe Harris’ office hours.

Neil Bergeron (W ’20) might have mixed these up just a few days ago.

“Anything goes for pre-games nowadays. Frat parties, downtowns, parades, UA meetings, you name it. So I thought, why not do it for office hours as well? There’s no way anyone else has tried that,” Bergeron explained.

After six shots, the finance concentrator showed up to his first office hours this year—much to his professor’s amazement. It’s called liquid courage, after all.

Bergeron knew nothing about dividend policy decisions coming into the session, but after many shrewd comments, you would think he had mastered the topic years ago.

“I liked his energy and insight today. He spoke a lot more than he does usually, and that’s always great to see. He’s truly made for finance,” Professor Harris told us.

Bergeron plans to keep this going until finals, which he might pre-game as well.