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Where Are They Now: Four White Pledge Bucket Hats Tell All


Photo by Paddy12345678 / CC BY-SA 4.0

Remember when white bucket hats were all the rage? It sure does bring back some memories of a simpler time. Remember when you could tell if she was too young for you just by seeing her shuffle along Locust Walk in a pledge hat? We were able to track down four of these iconic hats—though some consider their glory days long gone, others have gone on to have successful second careers.

Hat One: It took a while for me to get back on my feet after pledging. I was covered in hair and dried beer, and for weeks I couldn't leave my dorm room. Eventually, I was delivered to Buffalo Exchange, where I’ve been drying out on the shelf for a few weeks now. I believe this is a transitional period, but for now, it’s hard feeling so unfulfilled. Every time someone comes over to the hat section, I can’t help but wonder: is this the day meaning will be restored to my life?

Hat Two: I was so relieved when pledging was over—I finally felt like I had the chance to be myself! Greek life was never really the place for me, and as an all-natural cotton hat, I always felt that my true place was in nature. Thankfully, I was passed on to somebody's granola uncle a week after initiation. Gone fishin’!

Hat Three: How did you get this address? Fuck the FUCK off. I don’t want to talk about that part of my life, and I didn’t spend two weeks at rehab just to be heckled about it the moment I got out. I mean it—get the fuck out of my home before I call the goddamn cops.

Hat Four: I actually never retired. Pledging brought me and my owner very close—I mean that’s what it’s for, right? Every night, she and I sit together and look through our scrapbook, reminiscing. And even though she can’t wear me in public anymore, we still have our fun!