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Woke Penn Student Watches 'Black Panther' and 'Love, Simon' in the Same Weekend


Photo by Derks24 / CC0

College campuses are often bastions of progressive thinking and social liberalism. Sophomore Jupiter Mountain (C '20) is at the forefront of enlightenment, constantly trying to reinvent the wheel of freedom.

Mountain lives and breathes civil rights and social justice. A self-proclaimed voice for the silenced, Mountain’s specialty is fighting for the oppressed. He's no stranger to taking a stand.

“I’m always thinking three steps ahead,” he explains, “to create the most positive social impact as possible through my actions. That’s why, in one afternoon, I supported both the rich culture of African-American cinema and the poignant storytelling of LGBT filmmakers, both incredibly fascinating sectors of the visual arts. But behind these expressive movies lies an evil, capitalistic machine that is destroying America from within, which I did my part in toppling today by buying only one ticket.”

Mountain, born David Rabinowitz, was raised in a Jewish family in New York. But after reading Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay, Rabinowitz renounced his old ways for a life of a justice. We hope Mountain continues supporting minorities through his strong-willed actions.