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Clogs Now Required to Enter the Kelly Writers House


Photo by Lauren Sorantino

Listen up! There's a new rule in town: clogs are now required to enter the Kelly Writers House.  

This rule may seem extreme; however, when it is actually enforced in the Fall, it will change very little. Studies from the last four years show that on average, 98% of people in the Writers House at any given time were sporting clogs.  It's clear that clogs are already pretty popular with the Writers House crowd, so let's take a closer look at why.

Clogs, often associated with the Dutch, are known for their comfort and sensibility. They are practical, conservative shoe choice with solid arch support. Clogs were not always associated with literary folks. In their inception, clogs were made of wood and used as protective footwear in factories and mines. Wow! It's crazy how footwear can change. I love that.

Clogs are no longer wooden, unless you count the ones you buy at a Dutch souvenir store. Only recently have clogs become associated with style-conscious, bookish people--and increasingly so. They are usually waterproof, which is great for when you spill you Chai because you're reading Zadie Smith too voraciously.

The announcement of this rule is surprising, especially considering it followed the Writers House's recent hazing scandal.

First hazing with artisanal cheese, now a strict clogs-only policy. What's next for the Writers House? Playing the same poetry podcast loudly on a loop for the rest of time?