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Fraternity Philanthropy Win: Donate Your Juul To Help Support West Philly Schools


Photo by Vaping360 / CC BY 2.0

In a unprecedented display of benevolence and charity, fraternity Zeta Alpha Gamma is reaching out across campus to collected new and used Juul cartridges to donate to underserved kids in the West Philadelphia school system.

The campaign, titled "Pods for the Poor" has been a smashing success. "We were just tired of seeing so many young kids without a clean, fresh air of cool," Brother Scott Kuden (W '19) told UTB. "They were lame and we felt bad," he lamented.

The Juuls will be distributed at fraternity-hosted after-school programs, where brothers will tutor elementary-aged kids in how to load and charge the Juuls, as well as how to blow giant smoke bubbles.

"If these kids don't smell like stale grape breath, we're just not doing our part," says Scott.

Teachers across West Philly are already reporting that their classrooms are being filled with the sounds of mucusy coughing and conversation interrupted by rushed sucking.

The fraternity says that this philanthropy was such a success they've already begin accepting donations for their new campaign dedicated to Natty Light and Marlboro Reds.