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Junior Promised Paradise at Hamilton Court Gets Stuck in Construction Site Instead


Photo by Magnus Bäck / CC BY 3.0

Marc Ross (W ’19) is tired of getting deceived. After failing to reconnect with a friend from Quaker Days, his plan for next year's living situation was in shambles.

A few months ago, he found out about the paradise that is Hamilton Court.

At least that’s what it was advertised to be. Ross gave in and recently moved in, but the place has been far from perfect.

“I didn’t see a douchebag roommate advertisement anywhere. And the construction workers, I’d appreciate if they could keep it down once in a while,” Ross told us.

For as long as anyone at UTB can remember, 39th and Chestnut has indeed been a construction site, and it’s probably doomed to be one forever. Tough luck.

Ross is now planning to use his summer earnings to fund his transfer to Domus, the only true paradise on Penn’s campus.